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Est. October, 2000

Who We Are

Welcome To Our Practice

Mountain State Psychological Services, PLLC (MSPS) is an outpatient independent private practice committed to providing exceptional therapeutic services to individuals, families, and the community who are experiencing mental health concerns and/or substance use issues

Our Mission

Our mission is to work collaboratively with our community to provide high-quality mental health therapeutic services in the counties we serve.  Our goal is to provide these services in a courteous, professional, and timely manner. 

Our Focus

Our focus is on creating a positive collaborative dynamic between our providers and our clients, in order to promote healing, psychological growth, and awareness of personal strengths.  We achieve this by creating a neutral, caring, and safe environment specific to each client's individual needs and identified areas of growth.

For Our Clients

Statement of Non-Discrimation

MSPS does not discriminate against individuals due to any of these factors: age, sex, marital/family status, race, color, religious beliefs, ethnic origin, place of residence, veteran status, physical disability, health status, sexual orientation, criminal record unrelated to present dangerousness, or due to an inability to pay.  

This is MSPS's personal and professional commitment; it is additionally required by federal, state, and local laws and regulations.  MSPS will always take steps to advance and support the values of equal opportunity, human dignity, and racial/ethic/cultural diversity.

Confidentiality & Limitations

Clinical and administrative staff of MSPS, in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) maintains a policy of confidentiality (privacy).  In addition, MSPS adheres to the ethical standards of confidentiality (privacy) as set forth by each provider's respective state licensing board. 

MSPS Clients' Bill of Rights

Our clients and families have the right to:

  • Obtain respectful treatment that will be helpful.
  • Have a safe treatment setting, free from sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.
  • Report immoral and illegal behavior by a therapist/counselor.
  • Ask for and get information about the therapist's/counselor's qualifications, including licensure, education, trainings and experience, membership in professional groups, special areas of practice, and limits of practice. 
  • Have access to written information, before entering therapeutic/counseling services about fees, methods of payment, insurance coverage, number of sessions the therapist/counselor believes will be needed, coverage by another therapist/counselor for cases in which the primary therapist/counselor is not available, and the cancellation/no-show policies.
  • Refuse audio or video recording of appointments.
  • Refuse to answer any questions or give any information they do not choose to provide.
  • Know if the therapist/counselor will discuss the case with others for situations such as supervision, consultation and/or assisting students.
  • Be informed by the therapist/counselor of any noted progress or regression within the context of their treatment.

Our Therapeutic Services

Psychological Interview/Evaluation

Is a comprenshive interview of an individual's identified difficulties and/or concerns.  The goal is to obtain an overall clinical understanding of the individual's behavior, personality factors, capabilities, and/or level of functioning in order to assist with the individual's treatment. 

Psychological Testing/Assessment

Is a formalized measure of an individual's mental capabilities.  Psychological testing/assessments can be administered in a variety of formats in order to more thoroughly assess the individual's cognitive and/or emotional functioning.  


Is a collaborative effort between the individual, family, and/or couple and the MSPS provider to assist in the identification and treatment of unhealthy and/or maladaptive behaviors, cognitions, and/or emotions.  MSPS offers therapy/counseling for mental health concerns and/or substance use issues.  

Group Psychotherapy/Counseling

Is the utilization of a group dynamic and group facilitator(s) to assist members in identifying and treating unhealthy and/or maladaptive behaviors, cognitions, and/or emotions related to mental health concerns and/or substance use issues.

Please note group psychotherapy/counseling services are not consistently offered at MSPS.  Individuals are encouraged to contact the office to obtain further information if interested specifically in group psychotherapy/counseling services.

Supportive Services & Clinical Case Management

Are supplemental services which may be utilized in conjunction with psychotherapeutic and/or counseling services in order to assist in meeting overall treatment goals. These services can be utilized to assist in the treatment of mental health concerns and/or substance use issues. 

Trainings, Consultation, & Supervision

MSPS offers a variety of professional trainings and/or consultation for other professionals and/or the community.  In addition, MSPS has supervisors who are approved to provide licensure supervision for supervised psychologists and provisionally and/or permit-professional counselors.  In addition, MSPS has an "Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor" on staff.

Payment for Services

Private Health Insurances

MSPS accepts a wide range of private insurances, such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, PEIA/HealthSmart, Cigna, United Healthcare, UMR, and others.

Public Health Insurances

We are also in network with federal and state public insurances, such as Medicare, Medicaid, WV CHIP, and the following WV Medicaid MCOs: Aetna, Unicare, The Health Plan, and WV Family Health.

Sliding Fee Program & Payment Plans

No one will be denied access to services due to an inability to pay.

For the uninsured or under-insured, MSPS offers a Sliding Fee Scale  Program based on the current national poverty guidelines.  Payment plans are also available for individuals who may not be eligible for the Sliding Fee Scale Program.


Please contact MSPS with any questions related to insurance coverage and/or payment for services.


What Can A Person Expect At The First Session?

Typically, the initial appointment consists of discussing MSPS's Informed Consent Packet, which includes obtaining verbal and written voluntary agreement to services.  Additionally, the session will includes assessment of current symptoms, reason for services, and historical information related to the presenting issue.  It may also include the completion of forms and/or questionnaires. 

Is MSPS handicapped accessible?

MSPS is handicapped accessible by entering through the back of the office and utilizing the handicapped ramp.  In addition, appointments  can be arranged on a first floor level if steps are a concern.

Can Other Individuals Be Brought To A Session?

It is best practice not to bring children or others to a session if babysitting or supervision is required, unless agreed upon in advance.  MSPS does not provide supervision of others in the waiting room. 

What if a problem or concern happens?

MSPS  encourages any concerns be brought to our attention.  In addition, an individual can also contact the specific provider's state licensing board(s) if any ethical issues are not able to be resolved by MSPS.

How Does MSPS Handle Afterhour Crisis?

MSPS will attempt to contact the primary provider; however, if unable to do so, the crisis worker will attempt to assist.  Note, afterhours case management charges may apply which are not covered by a health insurance.

Are smoking, cell phones and/or food allowed in a session?

  • MSPS is a smoke free environment; however, smoking areas are provided outside the practice.
  • Cell phones are permitted; however, it is recommended to turn them off during the session time.
  •  Beverages and food are allowed during the sessions as long they do not distract from the session time.  MSPS does not provide beverages.  

Contact Information

**If this is an emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room immediately!**


Please note that MSPS emails are checked daily (Mon. through Fri.), and our goal is to respond within 72 hours; however, this is not guaranteed. For a quicker response, it is recommended that you call the office.  

To ensure your privacy, MSPS email is encrypted. Individuals will therefore be directed to create a personal login account.

MSPS email is NOT to be utilized for crisis situations.

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**Evening appointments may be available upon request.**